Upbringing of Sales department that profits the organization – Part 2

This article is an extension of the former on sales article. We formerly talked how one’s inherent nature brings out the maximum potential. We are either more towards logical or the emotional. This is the first thing that our customers associate us with. And this happens to be the strength as well because on following […]

Upbringing of Sales department that profits the organization – Part 1

Sales Genius is not born. They are made with consistent effort. Every sales genius is unique. This is because they develop their strongest gene or their inbuilt nature and build the other necessary sales habits through discipline. The fact that developing the sales habit starts with what is already within the person it is not […]

Are you still using WhatsApp for SALES?

This article gives us an insight on impact on organization using tools like WhatsApp for sales process. Jugaad –  It is an Indian word for an approach where one knowingly chooses an option that tends to solve a problem without it being the appropriate or actual solution. Sales is the most fundamental process in a business. […]

Mobile technology for managing distributed sales force

In this article we would look into how to use mobile technology to manage distributed sales force for your organization. What drives success to a distributed team of an organization? This question may be very critical to answer and may end up turning into a manual if answered in detail. Though a general and an […]

Why sales need mobility – the mobility sales solution

Every time we enable an organization with mobility sales solution it is an enriching experience. Every industry has its challenges. Some need to manage their distributors while some wish to optimise their production. While some organization looks for a sales process to manage inventory while for others mobility solution helps in forecasting. All these challenges […]

The Game of Email Subject Line

You might have not given it a thought but your emails add up to a hefty amount of communications that you do with your prospects or clients. But hardly had we put in time to sculpture the email to look convincing enough to be opened. And as rightly said the bridge between a prospect and […]

The changing tale of SALES

It needs just few years to see experience paradigm shifts in “way things happen”. The border line of past, present and future technology have been colliding and that too very randomly. And being a mobility sales tech company, we are encountering the same in the field of SALES. Here we share our view on what […]

The best couple in the industry – Salesman and his mobile phone

We talk about how good relationship with clients nurtures the business. We educate our sales team on how to establish a relationship first. While talking of relationships there is one such relationship in the business-world that has got least of all credit for all the big things that they have let businesses achieve. It is […]

TED talks to inspire you after a bad sales day

Sales in all sense is a dynamic profession. No other profession gives an opportunity to a professional to juggle between the highs and lows in life like sales. A good sales man is one who has cracked the funda of keeping oneself on toes no matter how difficult a loss of sales opportunity was. Here […]

3 Myths that restricts Small Businesses Grow

There is a typical trait of small businesses – they eke out sustainability by cutting costs and overhead in the name of optimization. This helps them to get an immediate relief from certain expenses but that does not tame the root cause. At times small businesses starve itself by this regular act of cost optimisation. […]

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