Upbringing of Sales department that profits the organization – Part 2

This article is an extension of the former on sales article.

We formerly talked how one’s inherent nature brings out the maximum potential. We are either more towards logical or the emotional. This is the first thing that our customers associate us with. And this happens to be the strength as well because on following our natural self in dealing with our customers it brings out the genuineness within us.

One’s nature must not be confused with the position one needs to take to tackle a situation. One has to be logical or tackle a situation with emotional presence if it demands so.

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Here we will take up the skill one must acquire to become the sales genius we want to be.

Again these skills are not rocket science and can be mastered through discipline.

  1. The ability to be a consultant – As a sales professional, if you are good at your deliverable, you would be regarded more than the employ of that company. This kind of privilege is not simple to attain. It has to be earned and it take genuine effort. One cannot just get it by selling one own service or product. It can only be achieved but solving your customer’s problem. And in lot many cases it may not involve just selling you stuffs.

It is important to understand your customer’s plight first and then suggest a resolution. Your client is looking for a consultant and not another salesmen.

This does not imply that you do not sell your product. If your product can solve the problem then it is one’s duty to get through the sales process as smoothly as possible. If your product can solve a part of the problem then do acknowledge that. Use your market knowledge to ensure that your customers can get the complete solution. Let your product or service be a part of it.

This clarity will surely please your customer because honesty is a scarce commodity in sales business.


  1. The art of follow up – If you have been into sales then you know that closing the deal is not a simple task. It needs multiple follow ups to get to finally conclude the deal. Even the payment clearance would need multiple follow-ups. Simply put follow-up are the bread and butter of sales profession. One who has mastered the art of follow up surely have the edge over other sales person.

Here are some pointers that would be very helpful.

  • The best follow-up are the ones that reduces further follow ups.
  • Try giving a call after an important email or the other way round. If you had a meeting confirmation call follow it up with an email.
  • Any invoice emails must be followed up with a call, without an exception. Nothing delays a payment more than a mistake in invoice. Get it verified and put it over email.

A good idea is to keep a note of your customer’s interests, hobbies, achievements etc. Sometime you cannot follow up for the same reason multiple time. Just sending a good article on holiday destination in case your client loves traveling. This unofficial update is good enough to remind him what you are following up with him. This can only be applied if you have develop a good rapport with your client.

Good rapport is a mark of a sales genius.


  1. Fall in love with chaos – Your client has other commitments apart from attending you. We can never know what’s happening on the client’s side. This makes the life of a sales person really tough. All your efforts and follow-ups seem to be in vain just because your client is not able to give time to your proposal. This will feel very chaotic. A sales genius understands that this is a very common occurrence and learns to makes his/her peace with chaos.

For this very reason it is important to be organized.  And being organized stars from being disciplined. A short note after every activity, like client meet, product – demo, internal –target-meeting etc. will be very helpful. Even the client based follow up needs tracking.

If possible ask you company to use mobile technology to introduce automation in the sales process. As you will be handling multiple clients, sales automation will surely organize a large part of the day for you.

Organising yourself will ensure that you are ready when your client is.

  1. Driven by Ownership – This is one of the crucial attribute of a salesperson that makes him or her truly remarkable.

There would be innumerable reasons as an excuse during the sales phase. But the sales person who can take in charge of the situation as if they own them will be the sales genius.

Ownership is a contagious attribute. Sales being an initiation to a business, this attribute is reflected across team when a salesman shows ownership. The quality of ownership seeps into the team that installs, gives support and take order for customization.

This level of ownership can be developed if a person works as if he is in a war front.

Here are the three quality that can help a person to take develop ownership in the profession of sales–

  1. Communication – No matter what there has to be a constant communication with the client and cross team. It is the responsibility of the sales person to be the bridge between his organization and the client.
  2. Feedback – Even when the complete process is done, the sales person must take the onus of making sure that the service or product sold to the customer is being used effectively. This is not an easy job. Making sure that the product is used to its best will help you get referrals from your clients. Never miss taking a feedback once a month
  3. Keeping the client updated – Keep the client updated about the new feature that you have introduced. Do not do a sales pitch. Your client would like to buy your product but hate being sold to.


To summarise

  1. Find out your inherent nature – Are you a logical person or an emotional driver. Build on that nature as these nature would be the one that your clients would be associating you with. Your true nature will bring the genuineness in your words and action.
  2. Develop the four characters of a sales genius. A sales genius would be a consultant before being a sales person. He knows the art of follow up. He is not stumbled by chaos in the profession of sales and the last, he takes the ownership to genuinely profit his clients

Upbringing of Sales department that profits the organization – Part 1

Sales Genius is not born. They are made with consistent effort.

Every sales genius is unique. This is because they develop their strongest gene or their inbuilt nature and build the other necessary sales habits through discipline.

The fact that developing the sales habit starts with what is already within the person it is not as difficult to start. The difficult part is developing the other skills.

Simply put there are only two fundamental natures that help a person to develop the rest of the qualities that a sale genius needs to develop.

The fundamental natures of a person are –

The logical Sales nature – If you are a kind of person whose thinking process starts with slicing and dicing a challenge into actionable pointers, you have the logical trait. You can look through a situation without getting deviated emotionally. You can come out with suggestion that directly impacts the situation in hand.

This trait is an important as a sales person as in today’s world the options are many. But what clients need is an optimal option for the challenge in hand.

The emotional sales nature – If you are primarily a kind of person who develop a holistic understanding based on both professional and personal scenarios in someone’s life, you happen to have a dominant emotional trait. Your communication involves a balanced approach that goes beyond just a professional solution.

This nature is important as it helps to develop a relationship with customers that goes beyond just professional boundary.


None of the natural trait is better than the other. It is important to identify to what is your primary nature so that you can best develop the other skills based on it. If you are a logical sort of person, your communication will be different from the one who is emotionally driven.

There is no point in superimposing one nature over other because

  1. You lose the genuineness your approach displays. Secondly,
  2. When you start with a new approach it is not consistent with your past and that shows.

These natures must not be confused with the approach that a sales person needs to take. Approach is situational but trait is permanent. At times one has to be logical in approach to sort a situation. At other times it is better to tackle it emotionally. It is important to understand that at the end the conclusion has to be both logically and emotionally balanced.

The first step for anyone who is looking forward to excel in sales is to identify his or her trait.

We would be taking up the other skills that a sales genius needs to cultivate that will build your credibility and effectiveness in the next article.

Mobile technology for managing distributed sales force

In this article we would look into how to use mobile technology to manage distributed sales force for your organization.


What drives success to a distributed team of an organization?

This question may be very critical to answer and mamobility-solutions-to-drive-salesy end up turning into a manual if answered in detail. Though a general and an over simplified reply would be complying processes.

A small team of distributed field force can be managed over phone with manual reporting. Having a mandatory process that needs complying may seem an over kill. But that’s not true if you look from a business point of view. And we will explain now why we feel so.

Being the business owner or the sales head, the primary responsibility is to scale up. This approach keeps an organization in a constant growth path. One needs to be aware of the day to day processes. But being completely involved in it may keep you stranded in operations and hence losing the focus on growth.

This is where a process falls perfectly well. Today’s mobile technology is completely capable to implement a compliance process. Your on-field team needs to follow the process to complete a job in hand.

One of the challenges that a business with a small team may face is training. Thankfully the penetration of smart phones have been such that one is completely aware of the basic functionality of such devices. Such is the scenario that one is more comfortable operating a smart phone than a laptop. So the training is now restricted to only understanding the process and the way to use the mobile phone application to put that process into action.

Automation sales with mobile technology for a small team is necessary. The reason behind this is simple –

  1. When your team is small it becomes a perfect place to start implementing a process. This helps organisations to fine tune the process when the team grows big. Automating a big team directly has its own set of risks. If gone wrong may break the operations and involve financial loses.
  2. Automations can help you release a lot of your work load that can be taken care through the process. For example if it were required by you to check for the daily collection of your 10 sales men, by implementing an mobile sales-force automation you can directly see the report on your mobile. Just think if you have to spend time following up your sales men to get the report. And then structuring the report in a manner you want all by yourself. It is certainly take up more time than you plan to give it. An automation will do that for you and let you focus in what you really want to.
  3. If you are planning to scale up, it is important that you star with your current team. Automation will break certain ways that you use to follow without it. Not just your team but you as the head or business owner has to adapt it. It is also important for you to understand what kind of training is most affective for your sales team.



For a large team, a field force automation is very important and very logical to understand. We have seen almost all organizations with big sales team works with a CRM. And that’s all what they have in the name of automation of sales.

We need to understand the process at one level is meant to add efficiency to the work being done. Process must be such that it accomplishes the work in hand and generates data for insight. The process is not fine-tuned if it slows the overall work in the name of data collection. The contemporary CRM adds a lot of clerical job for sales people. The sales people have to do a lot of data entry. This in-turn impacts their over-all sales time.

With our experience to install sales automation for large sales team, the best approach is to

  1. Start with the sales team of one department and then scale up to other departments. This helps to refine the installation process and speed up the installation in other departments.
  2. If there is addition of a new feature/functionality again start with one or two departments. Once streamlined then activate the feature for other department.
  3. If there are some very significant process addition it is better to simulate it over development instance with few mobile devices.

Mobile technology is quite an enabler when it comes to managing a distributed field force network of an organization. Big or small the impact of technology is significant.

We will be explaining how a simple thing like automating “attendance” into a compliance process for field force can impact your growth in business.

We would like to know your sales challenges. In case you want to know how our mobile solution can help you in managing your field force just drop your contact below and we will call you back.

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Why sales need mobility – the mobility sales solution

Every time we enable an organization with mobility sales solution it is an enriching experience. Every industry has its challenges. Some need to manage their distributors while some wish to optimise their production. While some organization looks for a sales process to manage inventory while for others mobility solution helps in forecasting.

All these challenges are served under the backdrop of sales.

Strikingly some of the common factors of sales are quite similar across industries. Let us know what drives sale in your industry through the comment area

The innate nature of Sales

The thing with sale is one cannot define a time for sale. You meet discuss benefits, negotiate, meet again, talk about successful projects to build credibility, re-negotiate, quote, send proposal, then wait for reply, follow up, fix up a meeting, close a sale and give support till the client servicing team takes it up completely. Now imagine this happening for multiple leads simultaneously.

“Sale is not a time-structured process. It can happen just any time. Rather it is all-the-time process.”

There is lot of information that is vital during each stage in sale and is best serves when they are reported on real time basis. What else can serve better than a mobility solution ?

Responsibility of the organization

Sales team is the one that generates revenue for the organization. It becomes the sole responsibility of the organization to introduce automation, training or operational processes etc that will bring efficiency.

Stating so the organization has to answer this important question – How can they best help the sales team do its job best of its capability? 

Mobility is one of the best choice when comes to mind. (for the above reasons and more)

Sales is a human activity

Any organization, irrespective of industry, whom we have worked with have impressed how face to face interaction is necessary for sales. Nothing works better for a top-of-mind recall than a sales person of the company visiting you frequently. This can happen best when we enable the sales person to be mobile at his work.

The change is not scary

Simply said, laptops are not that portable. If we have to provide portability to sales team, the machine has to be portable too.  Mobile and tables fills the void that laptops have created by laptops in the profession of sales.  And the feature and price makes portability very attractive even for the organization. This shift is as well not scary because mobile devices are commonplace. Even than that the usage of the device does not have a steep learning curve.

Expedites the process –

No matter how simple placing an order may seem but it is a confusing process. The key word here is “process”. Placing an order is the last step in the process. One needs to know finalise the price, negotiate if there is an order in bulk, have to conform on the delivery timing, one would like to clarify on the credit period and payment mode etc. before an order be placed. If sales person can put the information on the go and close the deal, it expedites the complete process of sales itself. Again, mobility solution strikes the chord here too.


But sales is not only about going mobile. Here is the mindset that organizations need to develop to benefit from mobility in their sales process.


Sales-ProcessMobility is about increasing selling time. If a solution can drives quality and effective time for sales, it not only motivates the salesman but also makes the customer feel valued. This is the exact reason why CRM solutions do not work out well for sales. CRMs add lot of data entry job and kills effective sale-time.



Mobility is to enhance a sales process. Without sales process mobility is going to backfire. Think it this way, if

  • the culture of visiting the clients regularly
  • initiative to turn leads into customer
  • conviction towards the product or services one is selling

is missing from the sales culture of an organization then mobility will just end up as buzz word.

Mobility is an enable for an organization who wants to drive sales through insights. Adding the power to capture sales action/activities on the move opens up valuable data. The true value of the data remains in the fact how one uses it. The data generated through mobility solution would not be able to contribute to the sales process only when organization can extract insights out of that data.

The Game of Email Subject Line

You might have not given it a thought but your emails add up to a hefty amount of communications that you do with your prospects or clients. But hardly had we put in time to sculpture the email to look convincing enough to be opened. And as rightly said the bridge between a prospect and a lead is the email subject line that can convince a prospect to open it.

email subject line that works

So here are few pointers for sale-reps to make sure that your email subject line provides you edge to be noticed.

Just to the point

Boomerang studied 40 million emails to conclude that subject with three to four words got the highest open rates.
Let’s get the point clear- five to seven words are enough to give a hint of the content. If seven words can’t lead to open the email, chances are 70 words can’t get it either.

Example – If you were to write and email to a prospect – “Appointment for Product demo” is a good subject line rather than “Request an appointment for a product demo tomorrow at 3 PM”

The second subject line is very informative and hence will not invite a prospect to open the email. The first one is long enough to hint and short enough to tempt for more information (regarding time, venue etc)
Also shorter subject lines are much more readable on mobile devices compared to the longer ones

Being over-smart does not pay –

Do not be fooled to be a winner if you mislead someone to open your email. Misleading can end up permanently blocking your email and hence losing a prospect for ever.

Example – “Follow-up against the meeting on 5th May” is a good subject line and sounds important. But if it is faked just to fool a prospect to open the email, one may end up with losing the prospect altogether.

Being Bought Vs Being Sold –

It almost needs a miracle to convince a prospect to buy something over an email subject line. We recommend not trying this at all. Your email subject is quite a scarce resource so put it to a good use.

Here is a good read on – Why a good sales rep make their client feel as if they are buying a product rather than making then feel that they are being sold one.

Example – Head of Service from <Company Name> – Requesting demo for <Product Name>
It will be rare that your prospects know your company or your product name. And more over prospects need a solution of their issues in hand irrespective of who is providing it. What matters is a credible and durable solution.

“Boost your sales process with technology – Request Demo” is better than the former subject line.

Check your facts –

Usage of automated emails are common place. If you are one of such candidate make sure that you have your facts right. Emailing services that uses tokens to personalise an email can only be successful with correct data. In case you have not organized or not sure of the data it is better to handcraft your emails. You would not like to experiment with wrong or unrelated information right on the subject line of your email while sending it to your prospects.

If you have your tips and tricks for sales challenges then do share with us.


The changing tale of SALES

It needs just few years to see experience paradigm shifts in “way things happen”. The border line of past, present and future technology have been colliding and that too very randomly. And being a mobility sales tech company, we are encountering the same in the field of SALES.

Here we share our view on what we are experiencing around

The art of Selection –

The way you choose, changes the way you sell

choice of customers selection induce changes in sales processOrganizations and their sales team always focused on their knowledge-algorithms to identify their customers. And now they have added one more extra rule that finds out– who is not their customer.

This extra layer of selectivity is defining the way organizations are doing their sales.

The pretext of such behaviour is- you cannot be for everyone. And that holds true for products or services at the price that they are offered. There are no services or products that cannot be made a little bad or better with a little lower or higher price point respectively.

The selectivity is defining the medium, approach, investment and even defining processes of sales.

It would be unfair to say that this type of mindset for sales is new. It was surely present but in current times it has amplified and organizations are fearless to apply.

The era of relevance  –

How is relevance induces changes in sales process

focus on relevance based on customersYou may associate with this one – How many times you have avoided picking up calls from an unknown number. And in case you picked up, you would hang up in seconds to find that you have a tele-marketer on the other side!

No matter how much we target our marketing trying to provide relevant information to masses, the fact is – we cannot define what is relevant to everyone. It is still broadcasting and the hit ratio will be on the lower side.

The concept of social selling and warm leads are taking over cold calling techniques. The business medium like mobile, tablets, laptops are internet-connected and mostly act as content –on-demand media. Social media have made things more visible than before. Finding connection or association is no longer a coincidence. Sales as a profession now utilises these tools to their benefit.

A big chunk of “relevance” is the outcome of data that organization have of their customers via different tools. And this leads to the next point in the sales-shift.

The need to know now –

Changes in sales process is triggered by real time updates

real time information bring changes in the sales processTablets have clicked the sweet spot. They are powerful, portable and come at various price ranges. Now when they are backed with software (called apps) they can add new dimensions. And that includes a lot of data driven activities. When that happens the piece of hardware make complete business sense.

Mobility technology has made CRM, which involves a lot of clerical work from salesmen, redundant. The ability to pass information in real time adds steroids to the complete process of sales. Data collected with mobility technology provides intelligence to business. With that intelligence a business can predict the consumption pattern better. This in turn helps the salesperson to be just in time for sales and be more relevant to the customer.

Hope you liked the article and looking forward for you to join us with more insightful news from our end. Please share with us your sales challenges. We would also be glad to hear your sales success stories.

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