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pharmacyMpower – Sell your medicines on mobile

Hassel free set up

While you do your regular business, your mobile app gets ready in sync with your stock.

Process the order via mobile

Your orders from your customers will reach your mobile directly. It is as simple as reading a sms.

Build your base

Your customers remain with you. You only end up with having more and more delightful customers with your amazing service.

Opens avenues for marketing

When you have an offer you can pass on to your customers directly on their mobile in form of coupons.

Your inventory is as big as you can make it

There is no limit to the products that you can have. If you can stock it, you can get it on your pharmacy app

Support team

You got a question and have the answer. You can reach out to our customer support for anything regarding your own pharmacy app.


The backend has record of all the orders that you will receive. We have already configured reports to keep you aware of your business movement online.

New Sales Avenue

Generate sales opportunity for customers who are not near your pharmacy store.

Insights that matter

Get access to reports that provide you true business insight that matters in your business.

Marketing opportunities

Record customer’s data that can help you market your business directly to them.

No inventory expense

There is no inventory cost for opening your own mobile pharmacy app. You can add as many products you want

The sales report – Be it Sales per day or week or month – You will have the know-how of your sales activities continuously.

Sales report based on product – Know you best performing product via reports on sales by product or even sales by category

Measure your marketing effort – You can record your sales as per the coupon used by your customer. You can exactly know what kind of offer your customers enjoy.

Get to know your customers even better – The knowledge of monthly or weekly sales per customer is a valuable for business. You would now know which target segment may need more of your attention.

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