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SalesMpower – Mobility solution that drives sales for business

If your enterprise is looking for a strategic partner who will help you strengthen your business, provide focused solution for your sales force, you have come to right place. We as a company always focus on innovation and find out opportunities to utilize mobile technology in creating applications that will enhance the productivity of your salesforce.

What is salesmpower?

salesMpower is an enterprise mobility solution for organizations with sales forces of 20+. Benefits of salesMpower mobile app have been leveraged by organizations across various industries including FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, Automobile, IT Peripherals, Consumer Electronics, Retail Chains and Restaurants & Hotel Chains.

Here is a brief of what our product, salesMpower, an end to end sales force automation application has to offer your sales force:

  • It mobilizes and automates routine activities of the sales force
  • It links mobile sales force of an organization with its back office and establishes robust flow of information between them in real time
  • It comprehensively lists past transactions with all the customers
  • It allows the management to do in-depth analysis and generate dynamic reports which help them take better business decisions

salesMpower provides a list of basic features along with customized features according to various requirements of its clients.

Route Planning

Selects outlets to visit Let the app automatically decide the best route

Stock Audit

Sales executives can easily track their stock with the retailer
This information when passed to the office in real time helps the back office in proper decision making


Attendance is recorded online via app with its GPS location
Sales executives can directly go to its clients without coming to office to give attendance

Tour Expenses

Managers can easily keep a track of expenses by the sales team in real time basis
This leads to organizations avoiding inflated expense bills by on-field executives

Business Prospects

Sales forces can manage leads easily with salesMpower
This feature also lists contact information categorically. i.e.: location wise, product wise

Order Status

Managers receive updated status of their client’s order
Managers have better control over the sales process involved in order collection to delivery


Managers can instantly locate their executives on field
Hence they can utilize their resources at best, improving overall team performance

Stock Audit

Sales executives can easily track their stock with the retailer
This information when passed to the office in real time helps the back office in proper decision making


Details of orders collected are sent to back office in real time
This saves a lot of time lag in dispatching the order and eases pressure


Timely revenue collection across materialized sales is a challenge.
This feature helps each executive following up on bills receivable in an user-friendly manner


Managers can get a comprehensive picture of daily, monthly and yearly activities of their teams

Market Feedback /Survey

Client remarks and recommendations are very important for any business.
This feature helps sales forces conduct surveys without carrying any document. Feedback collected during survey is transmitted to back office on a real time basis”


Innumerable reports can be generated in real time for detailed and clear picture of the ongoing work
These reports are supported by data mining and analytics
Dashboard offers a real-time picture of your business at a glance. Dig deeper with detailed reports that anyone can create and access your reports and dashboards from anywhere

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