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surveyMpower – Let’s add knowledge to business

White Label

Survey-M-Power lets you brand your survey with your visual elements

Fit for long and short surveys

It does not matter if you have 2 questions or 20, the survey displayed will be neat and readable.

Create Recall

You may activate auto SMS to people who have taken your survey with a thank you note. They deserve it. Don’t they?

Size compatibility

It simply does not matter whether you are using a tablet or a mobile phone got your survey, the readability will be intact.

Quick Analysis

As soon as your survey ends, it is ready to provide you with insights.

Defined set of Questions

Chose the category of your survey and you will have good quality questions to choose from for your survey. This accelerates your survey creation process.

Record different types of responses

Be it radio buttons or checkboxes; when you are ready with your questions your survey is ready too.

Industry Ready

Refer to the best practices before creating your survey.

Integrating Feedback

You can add more value to every customer that visit to your store by integrating the feedback to your business process. Want us to tell more about it.

Insights that matter

Your insights build up with every survey. By the time the survey is complete your data is ready to be read.

You can export your data and use it with your own proprietary tools.

Your survey data is backed up and preventing from any data loss.


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