Selling – Science or Art

“Most people like to buy – very few people like to be sold”

Let’s be a customer before being a sales person. Every purchase a consumer makes is out of a need or finds a perceived value in the product or service. Your purchase is based on a logic which you have defined and finally you make the decision. This is when YOU BUY.

When you are sold you are made to look into a product as a need and then you tend to find out, in course of time if that purchase was worthwhile.

Basically that defines the kind of salesmen we meet. Salesmen who understand the product and salesmen who understand the customer.

Jeff Thull, CEO and president of Prime Resource Group made complete sense when he said, – “Solution-based selling just doesn’t work. The solutions offered by most companies fail to deliver real value for a variety of reasons. Unless you can define, address and connect with value on your customers’ terms, you lose.”

The main question is what kind of salesperson make customers buy.

  1. Salesmen who understands the market
  2. Salesman who understand the customer’s customer
  3. Salesman who can associate the value of the product

Selling is as professional occupation as a profession can get. This can be understood by the fact that selling is not a one time job. Let’s pull out an example from retail.

  • Example: What about delivering a product to your customer by identifying that he is about to exhaust it.

This is a kind of sales-in-action in retail sector. A simple thing like stock auditing can help you find when customers need just in time to get ready with your stocks to deliver them.

Data and the use of data to drive sales is what actually drive sales for an organization. Here is when the science comes. Science makes selling a procedure that intern build the selling culture in the organization.

These data helps sales person to make their customers buy rather than making them feel that product is sold.

We may at times tag a tool based selling as science; for example using CRM (customer relationship management). CRM is good for listing but fails to deliver what we call a process based selling. Technology when used for selling must target to first bring ease to consumers before it brings ease to salesperson. We would be going in depth regarding this.


An organization and salesperson must evolve to using the science that lies behind selling. And the art of selling lies in doing the science religiously.

In the coming articles we will closely look at the markets, consumers, salesman, sales process and technology that brings the synergy between them.


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