The changing tale of SALES

It needs just few years to see experience paradigm shifts in “way things happen”. The border line of past, present and future technology have been colliding and that too very randomly. And being a mobility sales tech company, we are encountering the same in the field of SALES.

Here we share our view on what we are experiencing around

The art of Selection –

The way you choose, changes the way you sell

choice of customers selection induce changes in sales processOrganizations and their sales team always focused on their knowledge-algorithms to identify their customers. And now they have added one more extra rule that finds out– who is not their customer.

This extra layer of selectivity is defining the way organizations are doing their sales.

The pretext of such behaviour is- you cannot be for everyone. And that holds true for products or services at the price that they are offered. There are no services or products that cannot be made a little bad or better with a little lower or higher price point respectively.

The selectivity is defining the medium, approach, investment and even defining processes of sales.

It would be unfair to say that this type of mindset for sales is new. It was surely present but in current times it has amplified and organizations are fearless to apply.

The era of relevance  –

How is relevance induces changes in sales process

focus on relevance based on customersYou may associate with this one – How many times you have avoided picking up calls from an unknown number. And in case you picked up, you would hang up in seconds to find that you have a tele-marketer on the other side!

No matter how much we target our marketing trying to provide relevant information to masses, the fact is – we cannot define what is relevant to everyone. It is still broadcasting and the hit ratio will be on the lower side.

The concept of social selling and warm leads are taking over cold calling techniques. The business medium like mobile, tablets, laptops are internet-connected and mostly act as content –on-demand media. Social media have made things more visible than before. Finding connection or association is no longer a coincidence. Sales as a profession now utilises these tools to their benefit.

A big chunk of “relevance” is the outcome of data that organization have of their customers via different tools. And this leads to the next point in the sales-shift.

The need to know now –

Changes in sales process is triggered by real time updates

real time information bring changes in the sales processTablets have clicked the sweet spot. They are powerful, portable and come at various price ranges. Now when they are backed with software (called apps) they can add new dimensions. And that includes a lot of data driven activities. When that happens the piece of hardware make complete business sense.

Mobility technology has made CRM, which involves a lot of clerical work from salesmen, redundant. The ability to pass information in real time adds steroids to the complete process of sales. Data collected with mobility technology provides intelligence to business. With that intelligence a business can predict the consumption pattern better. This in turn helps the salesperson to be just in time for sales and be more relevant to the customer.

Hope you liked the article and looking forward for you to join us with more insightful news from our end. Please share with us your sales challenges. We would also be glad to hear your sales success stories.

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