TED talks to inspire you after a bad sales day

Sales in all sense is a dynamic profession. No other profession gives an opportunity to a professional to juggle between the highs and lows in life like sales. A good sales man is one who has cracked the funda of keeping oneself on toes no matter how difficult a loss of sales opportunity was.

Here are some TED talks that are sure to pump you up and keep you in perspective after a setback.

“The key to success? Grit” by Angela Lee Duckworth


Have you believed that success is direct in proportion with IQ and your talent?  Well psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth would like to disagree. She found out that “grit” is the element that determines an individual’s success.

Here is a 6 minute power punch talk to get your GRIT quotient high.

“A kinder, gentler philosophy of success” by Alain de Botton


How to get your success and failure into perspective – Writer and philosopher Alain Botton will help you focus on what really matters.

So if you are re-accessing yourself after a single fall then this talk is going to prevent the snowballing effect of your failure.



“Embrace the near win” by Sarah Lewis


No one knows the frustration of a drop sale at the very end moment better than a sales person. Your client was about to sign the deal but then he suddenly decides to hold it back.

Art critic Sarah Lewis has a different take on it. She argues how these near-win scenarios chalk out the master-skill within you. She says how these near wins remove the complacency that often success brings into life.


Let us know your how you feel about the talks and share with us what you do to beat your set-back

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