The best couple in the industry – Salesman and his mobile phone

We talk about how good relationship with clients nurtures the business. We educate our sales team on how to establish a relationship first. While talking of relationships there is one such relationship in the business-world that has got least of all credit for all the big things that they have let businesses achieve. It is the crazy connection of employees with  mobile phones. And if you are into sales you would know that this relationship we are talking about is very deep. We may even tacitly agree that it is impossible for a sales person to live without his or her smart phone.

The main question is- are business owner doing enough to contribute to this relationship?

If we look closer, good relationship of salesmen with their mobile phone is congenial to business development. Talking from the business perspective, we have hardly come across a couple so meaningful. They are like the team-mates in action for an organization with big responsibilities.

Just like any other relationship, the right balance is very crucial for salesmen as well. And here we talk about the elements that will enrich this relationship within the boundaries of business mostly in form of mobile application.

If we study the official hours in a salesman’s life, we would find 3 elements that can help a salesman to achieve uber productivity.

  1. Note taking or reminder application
  2. Scanning application, OCR, Bar code scanner etc
  3. Email, proposal and invoice app

These elements cover the different aspect of a salesman life at work.

Organizations that have understood these elements and closely focused on sales process have understood that mobiles have the potential to increased the efficiency of salesmen and hence organization. These organizations have taken this relationship seriously and made sure to give a fresh touch to it.

Some of the serious organizations have introduced salesmen application imbibing these 3 elements into one super-efficient mobile app and latched it to their business software. These applications help their salesmen to easily access client’s information, view their request and carry out full-fledged sales operation.

It is important to understand that the true salesman app can work alongside the day of a salesman. Be it attendance, route planning, order booking, client reminder, travel expense, notes taking, invoicing, demonstrating product presentation, customer visits, new customer entry, customer feedback etc. To get the real juice out, the application must be integrated with business software to give a total new dimension to business processes.

There have been instances where the order to delivery process got an efficiency-boost of 94.6%. A business order that took 36 hrs to reach to final client was delivered within 2.5 hrs.

Stock audit process could finally be regularized when sales team and their smart phones got into action.

Not only that, sales team could generate intelligence based on reports of such sales application that they could cover wider geographies to establish their business.

We will be going inside all these case studies in our subsequent post.

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