Upbringing of Sales department that profits the organization – Part 1

Sales Genius is not born. They are made with consistent effort.

Every sales genius is unique. This is because they develop their strongest gene or their inbuilt nature and build the other necessary sales habits through discipline.

The fact that developing the sales habit starts with what is already within the person it is not as difficult to start. The difficult part is developing the other skills.

Simply put there are only two fundamental natures that help a person to develop the rest of the qualities that a sale genius needs to develop.

The fundamental natures of a person are –

The logical Sales nature – If you are a kind of person whose thinking process starts with slicing and dicing a challenge into actionable pointers, you have the logical trait. You can look through a situation without getting deviated emotionally. You can come out with suggestion that directly impacts the situation in hand.

This trait is an important as a sales person as in today’s world the options are many. But what clients need is an optimal option for the challenge in hand.

The emotional sales nature – If you are primarily a kind of person who develop a holistic understanding based on both professional and personal scenarios in someone’s life, you happen to have a dominant emotional trait. Your communication involves a balanced approach that goes beyond just a professional solution.

This nature is important as it helps to develop a relationship with customers that goes beyond just professional boundary.


None of the natural trait is better than the other. It is important to identify to what is your primary nature so that you can best develop the other skills based on it. If you are a logical sort of person, your communication will be different from the one who is emotionally driven.

There is no point in superimposing one nature over other because

  1. You lose the genuineness your approach displays. Secondly,
  2. When you start with a new approach it is not consistent with your past and that shows.

These natures must not be confused with the approach that a sales person needs to take. Approach is situational but trait is permanent. At times one has to be logical in approach to sort a situation. At other times it is better to tackle it emotionally. It is important to understand that at the end the conclusion has to be both logically and emotionally balanced.

The first step for anyone who is looking forward to excel in sales is to identify his or her trait.

We would be taking up the other skills that a sales genius needs to cultivate that will build your credibility and effectiveness in the next article.

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